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Product Review:  

Taking the iBook on the Road:
with the iShuttle


Taking it on the road - a quick look at a couple cases made by Sumdex for your iBook.


By Ted Bade

Part 2 of 3, Part 3 will appear Next Wednesday 8/23.

Part II - the iShuttle

Review of iShuttle - a case for your iBook


By Ted Bade


The iShuttle is a stylish case designed by Sumdex for carrying an iBook along with other things you may need. The iShuttle looks like a briefcase, but is soft-sided. As with the other Sumdex cases, it has all metal hardware, coordinated zipper pulls, and a translucent soft plastic handle grip.

Blueberry, Graphite, Tangerine


The iShuttle unzips down the center, so that the two sides, when opened, lay flat. One side offers a strap to secure the iBook and a padded Velcro divider which can be installed to prevent the machine from sliding from side to side, leaving the remaining space to store other things. The other side of this case offers a group of pockets, flaps and pouches to put those things you need like zip disks and CD's when traveling.

The iShuttle comes with a shoulder strap for those who prefer them. And you probably will. Carrying an iBook for long distances by the handle can eventually be tiring. Add to this the weight of everything else you'll want to include and you will soon be looking to use the shoulder strap.

The iShuttle isn't my type of case, it looks too nice to drag along to the coffee shop, but it is a lot more elegant. I could see anyone interested in looking stylish or needing to put on a more professional appearance using a case like this. The graphite iShuttle is good to take to the office. It also costs a bit more with an SRP of $89.95. However, we found a street price of $50.

We got to see a graphite one, which looks a lot like a classy briefcase. Sumdex also offers tangerine and blueberry for colors.

The iShuttle retails for $89.95. Many Internet sites had it for less, and I saw one price of $49.95! Their entire line can be purchased directly at Outpost.com. The iPack can be had for only $42.95 !, the iBrief for $32.95 and the iShuttle for $49.95 for some cool savings ! Your mileage may vary.


The professional looking iShuttle looks good for quick trips to the office and business trips, however if you have alot of folders and supply's there's not a lot of room here in the iShuttle for that. We give the iShuttle 4 iBooks out of 5.


Ease of Use :


Quality :


Over All Score :



About the Reviewer:

Ted Bade has been using Apple computers since 1982 and Macs since 1985. Dedicated to the Macintosh, he has been a member and leader of a Computer user group since 1983. He has a degree in electrical engineering and loves to write. To date he has published a number of articles in MacHome Journal magazine, writes for iBook-User and writes regularly for H.U.G.E. a computer user group newsletter, and freelances whenever he can find the time and need. While he's not playing with his Macintosh G4 or PowerBook G3.

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