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iBook Improvements I'd like to See
and What We May Get



Tom Trial


Make no mistake the newest version of the iBook is a runaway hit as their top sales leader and I believe it's due to one main reason.... size/weight.

Ever since the Powerbook 2400 was discontinued Apple fans for years, have been begging and clamoring for a replacement model. Now the New iBook delivers everything in the way of size/weight and more in features than were dreamed of years ago.

So is the iBook perfect ? Will Apple rest on their laurels ?

The answer is, nothing is perfect and no Apple will not rest easy.

So at MacWorld Expo tomorrow what changes would we like to see and what do we think Apple will do ? ....

(This is our own best estimates based on our experiences and what we have observed in the past.)

Most Likely to Happen:

1. Make 128MB of RAM standard on the iBook

Let's face it OS X needs it! And ram is dirt cheap too!

2. Upgrade from 66 MHz bus to 100MHz system bus - 85Hz video bus

If the Tibook gets the bus upgrade so will the iBook. If the Tibook doesn't move up don't count on the iBook getting it.

3.New colors!

Jobs will reach back out to the fans of the old iMacs & iBooks who were left without a choice in color. Why leave out 25% to 30% of the market? Just don't give us Flower Power... please!

4. Bigger internal hard drive option - 30MB

Using iMovie takes up quite a bit of space, look to Apple to Add it as a High end option. Hopefully they will drop the price on the 20gb drive.

5. Mobile Radeon or GeForce graphics chipset

OK, I think this one has about 70% chance.

6. More Mzh (oops forgot this one)

Look for a some kind of jump in speed to be announced and ship at a later time.

Most Likely to Not to Happen:

1. G4

With OS X the iBook could really use the power of a G4.

2. 2 modular RAM slots in lieu of 128 meg hardwired to the logic board

It would give people better ram config. options.

4. USB on right so folks can use the Apple mouse

If you don't know, you can't use Apple's own optical mouse with it.... the cord's too short.

5. Better support under the keyboard

For many people the keyboard "bows" in the top middle area making 5 or 6 keys "float".

6. An improved track pad

A number of people have complained about the trackpad.

On the Wish list:


1. A larger screen

Say, 13."or 14". Maybe on a High end model .Watch the keynote.

1. I'd like to see a Handle back on it!

I have a rev A. model and I love the handle it's great to pick it up and go! Remotely possible.

2. Make the Hard Drive is more accessible

I'd like to see them reposition the components inside so that the hard drive is more accessible. Do you really think $200 for 20gb is a deal ? When what freezes over?

3. IR port

A few people who have a Palm or a Visor say an IR port would be a nice convience over USB. Don't count it.....ever.

4. A cover for the ports on the side.

Keep dust and lint out. How about a molded rubber insert ? Maybe from an enterprising 3d party!

5. Expanded desktop when video out is employed

I want to dock to a desktop monitor with adequate refresh rates.

6. Better Speakers

I know Apple already improved the iBook with better speakers, but can't they do a little better ? Not likely.

7. An Internal Battery

Some kind of internal battery, so the external battery is hot swappable. Many are getting as low as 3 hrs. with heavy use. Not likely.

8. An ADC connection

Wouldn't it be nice to hook up a phat Cinema studio display. Not likely.

9. Duel display support

Teachers would love it even more. We'll see.


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"Make no mistake the newest version of the iBook is a runaway hit ..." 

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